Black Sheep Book Review

Review of Black Sheep: The Quest To Be Human In An Inhuman Time, By Peter Eagle Sims

“Having always felt like a bit of a lonely misfit, the idea that being a black sheep was no mark of shame, but instead the result of rebellious creativity, resonated deeply with me. I didn’t think of myself as a black sheep, but I hoped I could become one.”

I am so excited to share a review of a new book by Peter Eagle Sims. I feel really blessed that Peter sent me an early copy–the book is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Peter is the founder of BLK SHP (Black Sheep), Inc., described as “a place and platform for making small bets and building new ventures.” This book explains the catalyst of BLK SHP. The story is celebration of being a black sheep–a misfit, outlier, someone who rejects the constraints put on us in modern life.

To me, being a black sheep means taking back control of your life, and focusing on what matters.

Peter’s book is a profound statement on humanity–and how art, emotion, and connection are our true drivers. It’s a celebration of what matters.

From the magic carpet bus that’s a living piece of art (more on this later in my blog), to the tales amongst the pines of Dutch Flat, CA; this is an entertaining and beautiful read.

I resonated so much with Peter sharing a story about his father, a lawyer and judge, questioning whether Peter should get back into Venture capital.

It is challenging to explain to someone that you’re doing the right thing when you are unemployed and aim-full, but things haven’t quite revealed their tangibility yet.

I loved the rawness of Peter’s writing–I felt like I was with him wherever he was! He is descriptive in a Hemmingway-ish way, or no, more like a spirited Steinbeck.

Read on for more of my thoughts.

In Life, There Really Is No Mountaintop

“The journey really is the reward,”

Peter’s words of wisdom, reflecting on how we are never really done after what may seem like the pinnacle of our careers or achievements, just felt right. The journey, the constant adventure–the seeking is what we are here for.

Movement, then, is the true key.

The Black Sheep purchased Willie Nelson’s old tour bus–describing it as a living piece of art, and honoring Willie the ultimate black sheep. “Working on movement building,” as Peter describes it, they’ve travelled the country to explore and support changemakers.

I like how he describes the bus as a magic carpet ride in his book. They are about to embark on another journey through the country.

I can’t wait for the magic carpet to make its way to Boston!

Extreme Dancing Allowed

One of my favorite concepts in the book was about remembering our inner child, and keeping our youthful spirit alive. Another thing I particularly loved how Peter described the places he gathers with friends and family–

“A couple of Amos Kennedy’s framed prints hung around the house, including one that read “NO EXTREME DANCING ALLOWED!” at the base of the staircase leading to the second floor.”

As a black sheep I immediately read that statement as “Extreme dancing allowed!”

This past Sunday I attended the funeral of a cousin–Kevin. Before I left for the sad drive on a cold bleak day to a funeral home I got the call that another relative had passed, my aunt Joyce. I experienced road rage on the Mass Pike. I dissociated the whole day. Later that night–just a few days ago–I felt the world was cruelly marching on, sending me bills, meeting requests, obligations. I feel like I wasn’t allowed to have any emotions about the weekend. But the moments I spent with my family–in homes surrounded by pines and mountains–are what made me who I am.

We forgot how to be human. We remember it–sometimes–in brief moments. But then it is back to business as usual.

I read Peter’s book under the lens of experiencing these two losses in my family. The universe could not have delivered it at a more poignant time.

Peter’s book shows us how to remember what matters. 

I wish the book was longer, and hope it is the first in a long line of books on being human. Peter–thank you for this book. It is truly profound.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon today!

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