50 Perimenopause Symptoms

Perimenopause, a rollercoaster of hormones

Perimenopause–the 7-10 year rollercoaster before menopause– affects our bodies, minds, and spirits. Many perimenopause symptoms are similar to those assumed to only hit women in menopause.

While menopause refers to one day in a woman’s life–perimenopause, the years leading up to it, is a hormonal adventure with symptoms ranging from electric shocks to frozen shoulder and hair loss.

Your healthcare providers may not even know about these symptoms, but other women have experienced them. It can help to know you are not alone!

Here’s 50 symptoms of perimenopause you may experience:

Vasomotor Symptoms such as
1. Hot flashes
2. Cold chills
3. Heart palpitations
4. Chills
5. Inability to regulate temperature

Mood Symptoms such as:
6. Anxiety
7. Irritability
8. Mood Swings
9. Sadness
10. Depression

hormonal fluctuations during perimenopause

Perimenopause Affects Our Senses, Body, and Mind

Sensory issues such as:
11. Dry eyes
12. Active sense of smell
13. Itchy skin
14. Ringing ears
15. Altered taste

Body issues such as:
16. Body odor
17. Rapid weight gain
18. Bloating
19. Difficultly digesting
20. Incontinence

Brain Issues such as:
21. Brain fog
22. Headaches
23. Dizziness
24. Migraines
25. Difficulty concentrating

Joint and Muscle symptoms such as:
26. Back pain
27. Fatigue
28. Frozen Shoulder
29. Osteoporosis

menopause and perimenopause symptoms
Visit One Woman Health for more information on Menopause symptoms, which often overlap with Perimenopause symptoms.

Perimenopause Symptoms Affecting the Uterus and Vagina

30. Loss of libido
31. Vaginal discharge
32. No Periods for months…then periods
33. Heavy periods
34. Blood clots
35.Sharp pain
36. Painful sex
37. Dry vulva
38. Thin skin around vulva
39. No orgasms
40. Lack of flexibility and elasticity of the vaginal wall

perimenopause symptoms for the uterus and vagina

Perimenopause Symptoms Affecting Beauty

41. Hair growth on face
42. Hair loss on scalp
43. Breakouts
44. Dry scalp and dandruff
45. Brittle nails

A human ovary

Strange Perimenopause Symptoms

46. Getting shocked more often (electric shocks)
47. Increased intuition
48. Gum and teeth issues
49. Tingling in the extremities
50. Changes in voice (hoarseness)

What midlife symptoms have you experienced? Anything not on this list?

What a crazy time of life this is. I hope my blog can raise awareness of all the changes we experience with our bodies, minds, and senses as we navigate the journey to, and through, menopause.

Need Help With Your Perimenopause Symptoms?

I had two surgeries for fibroids and spent the past several years researching everything from diet, to fitness, to getting more sleep and vitamin D to alleviate perimenopause symptoms. I am now 50 years old with a “normal” period, no fibroids, and no bothersome symptoms of perimenopause.

Let’s chat if you want to talk about your perimenopause symptoms or need a sounding board for anything you’ve been experiencing. I’ve helped dozens of women understand their options addressing some of these symptoms.

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