Positive growth.

Hi, I’m Julie Elaine Brown. I’m an entrepreneur, investor, and author.

I have built and sold multiple companies, been called a maverick…and a pioneer.

I believe in empowering people and businesses to innovate, thrive, and optimize.

I believe in wellbeing as a fundamental aspect of our lives. Only when we are at our best can we succeed and surpass our goals.

I currently am authoring a book on women’s health, as well as creating a new startup focusing on women over 40.

I also run a digital strategy and communications company: we focus on helping businesses establish clear and focused missions. When you have the right foundation, you can achieve anything.

The sun setting through a dense forest.
Julie Elaine Brown video still
Julie Elaine Brown video still
The sun shining over a ridge leading down into the shore. In the distance, a car drives down a road.

I sold a Series A-1 startup in 2012–a wellness community connecting women with awesome healthy retreats and experience.

Today, I’m building a brand new community–one for women over 40 (just like me!), who want to buck the system, reverse age, and optimize their bodies and minds. I believe there is no reason for us to get old just because we are now considered middle aged.

Julie Elaine Brown video still

I believe there is a direct correlation between finding our true passions and being our healthiest. When we heal our minds, bodies, and environments, we can reveal our ideal paths. If you’ve ever felt stuck, fatigued, and unsure of what will help you thrive–stay tuned.

I’ll announce our launch soon.