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About Julie

Hello. I’m Julie Elaine Brown. Nice to meet you!

I’m Julie Elaine Brown and I’m an 3X founder, entrepreneur, wellness advocate, and former Journalist. My passion is to reignite your passion for a thriving life.

You may know me as a C.E.O. of a digital strategy and marketing consultancy serving Fortune 500s. I also ran, and sold an ecommerce wellness startup, was an entrepreneur-in-residence at J&J, and helped create the first Apple website. 5 decades of startup-y things and living my best life.

After my own healthcare journey, I knew I wanted to empower women in midlife (and beyond). This is a transformational time in our bodies, relationships, and even in our careers.

EVERYTHING is on the table to change, and everything is linked.

I can help you take back control of your body and mind.

Julie eElaine Brown red dress
Julie Elaine Brown at Studio 53 Boston

What I Do

Balance Your Life

My Balance Your Life session empowers you to take back control, find joy, and be excited each day! It starts with your mindset and finding your purpose. This session helps you pave the path.

Brownie Bites

My newsletter (and upcoming programs) help you take back control of your body and mind with “bite-sized” nuggets of wisdom. Small steps for mindset, movement, and food make a big difference.

Small Biz Consulting

As a 3X founder C.E.O. I am an expert at positioning, content strategy, marketing, and strategy. I help small business owners and solo-preneurs focus and prioritize efforts for optimal and efficient impact.

Enterprise Clients & Big Brand Consulting

Yep I still run a consultancy! We help some of the largest brands in the world with digital, content, and marketing strategy. You’ll want to head over to that Website to learn more about working with my team.

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Julie Elaine Brown at Studio 53 Boston. Photography by Inna Kochura.

Reinvigorate Your Mind & Body With My Expert Guidance

Are You Ready To Take Back Control Of Your Body And Mind?

I run a consultancy to help big brands with marketing strategy, and I am creating NEW services to help other women thrive.

My core philosophy rests on what I call the “3 Keys”–your mindset, movement, and food. Without these keys we simply cannot thrive.

I’m creating something big–but as a former startup C.E.O. I know how to start small. Be sure to keep in touch for our launch announcement.

I’m also writing a book on my experience with being gaslit by doctors for years, and then told my only option was a hysterectomy. That was not a path I personally wanted to take, so I embarked on what I call “Adventures in saving my uterus” (that’s just my working title!). As I’ve been writing, I realized I could offer practical programs as a complement to my book. So I’m creating both.

My mission is courage + direction= helping you advocate for your health, and providing clear direction on things you can do to feel (and look) better.

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Years as an entrepreneur


Years on this planet

Empowering YOU

What’s 50 Supposed To Look Like, Anyway?

In my forties, like many women, I had adventures with my hormones. I was dismissed…then told to “wait it out”… then I had one doctor tell me I needed to stop acting as if I were younger and get a hysterectomy. She said, “Just be done with it!” (Meaning….my uterus? Wanting to feel young? Still not sure.) The consensus was that I would not return to her office.

I found that revamping my diet, fitness regimen, and wellbeing helped me take back control of my body and mind. I’m 50 now and have never felt better.

Julie Elaine Brown photo standing at a window in Boston during the winter
Julie Elaine Brown looking toward Charles Street in Beacon Hill.

Julie Elaine Brown sitting on a floor with beige sweater and white pants.
My Evolution

Evolution = Revolution

My Past as an Executive & Entrepreneur

You may know me as an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and executive hired by some of the largest companies in the world. I’ve helped brands such as Apple, Visa, HP, and more attract the right customers, shape their stories, and be more innovative. I’ve built and run my own startups, included an ecommerce marketplace connecting women with wellness retreats around the world.

A Journalist and a Writer

I started my career as a Journalist in Boston while in graduate school for Journalism. (At Northeastern–go huskies!). But, I had to go see about a boy in California…and drove across country after grad school. I spent 20 years in San Francisco doing start-upy things (the boy did not last).

Last year I started writing about my experience researching alternatives to hysterectomies…and alternatives to HRT. I wrote about my MRI and my acupuncture treatments (which worked and I wish I started them sooner!!). After a few months of compiling research I realized I’ve got a book in me. And so here we are, full circle. The Journalism major at long last using her degree. I also have an English Lit degree which helps with Scrabble.

Former Personal Trainer

I’m getting re-certified as a personal trainer, because so much of the information out there is incorrect when it comes to what helps us lose weight during midlife. I believe in balance and personalization. I used to teach Aerobics classes and can’t wait to incorporate some of my fitness skills into my new programs.

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East and West Coast Vibes

I grew up on the East Coast but moved to San Francisco after Grad School. I love the weather in NorCal, and it is bliss for a vegetarian that likes hiking and Farmer’s Markets all year. I loved walking my dog on the beach…and driving to the snow in Tahoe (also I enjoyed driving away from it). I’m located in Boston now, where my family is. I find it’s a better place to focus and be disciplined–people are sturdy here! I have a unique vibe that combines the best of each coast.

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