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I fundamentally believe that strong community is a key to living our best lives.
These virtual and in-person events with other women help us connect to our health while connecting with others.

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July 26, 2024 Zoom Noon-2pm PST, Zoom
Capture the Fountain of Youth With Lifestyle, Mindset, & Focused Effort

Meet Madeline Cunningham, LAc, and Functional Medicine Specialist, and Julie Elaine Brown, M.A. 3x Entrepreneur and Life Design Expert, online to discuss the science behind aging, and how we have the power to reverse how our cells age.

Julie has reversed her biological age by more than 15 years, which affects the way she looks and how her body functions–including normalizing her cycle!

While we are born with our genes and can’t change them (yet), we CAN change the way they act.

Together we’ll discuss how:
1. Modifying what you eat and when you eat can make a big impact on your biological age.
2. How small changes can make a big impact.
3. How reducing stress and getting enough sleep lowers cortisol levels which are directly linked to aging.

Julie’s diet, fitness plan, and stress-reduction routine will be discussed, and we’ll give real-time advice for attendees on ways to reverse the clock.

Women preparing for pregnancy, managing symptoms of perimenopause, or trying to detox, may find this session particularly helpful.

Can’t wait to connect with you.


Why join an event with me?

Too often, women push our needs aside. It’s so important to take the time–even a few hours a week–to focus on our needs. Without this commitment to ourselves, we may experience chronic fatigue, high cortisol, symptoms of toxins, weight gain, insomnia and so much more. When we take the time to actively focus on our health–even in small doses–we connect back to our health.

Community helps us stay motivated, inspired, and helps us know we are not in this alone. Together we’ll learn how to:

Reduce stress
Increase clarity, productivity, & efficiency
Make better decisions
Experience more love and compassion
Stay accountable with our goals
About Me

Hi, I’m Julie Elaine Brown, M.A.

I’ve been called an expert in life design, teaching others how to live their best lives.

I am a founder and entrepreneur and have run and sold multiple businesses.

Today, I use my own “3 Keys” to incorporate nutrition, movement, and mindset into my daily wellness regimen.
It’s how I’ve been able to reverse my biological age and have balance, wellness, and a life I love.

My in person and online events help women connect back to their health, while gathering in community.

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