January Brownie Bites Blog Rollup

January’s Brownie Bites Covered Gaslighting in Women’s Health, Chef Allen Campbell Views On Longevity Nutrition, Reducing Hot Flashes With Vegan and Pegan Diets, and Benefits of Vitamin D

Blog #1: Gaslighting and Hysterectomies

The Brownie Bites takeaway;

🏥 Doctors recommend hysterectomies for almost any uterine issue in midlife (if they listen to women in the first place); despite less invasive surgeries and holistic and lifestyle changes proven to work

💊 Taking a pill (such as hormone replacement therapy) continues to be what our healthcare system suggests

👟 Exercise, lifestyle changes and decreasing stress all help reduce perimenopause symtoms

💫 Hysteria and gaslighting is still a thing. Women must advocate for their needs!

Read the whole article here.

Blog #2: 8 Benefits of Vitamin D

The Brownie Bites takeaway;

🌞Vitamin D from the sun is nature’s way of keeping us healthy

💊 Supplements can help prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the Winter

👟 Vitamin D strengthens our bones and optimizes muscles

💫 Vitamin D is linked to longevity

Read the whole article here.

Blog #3: Vegan Diets Relieve Hot Flashes

The Brownie Bites takeaway;

🌶 Hot flashes, night sweating and other vasomotor symptoms are related to declining estrogen

🥑Eating a vegan diet can help alleviate these symptoms (soy)

🐟 Eating fish can also help alleviate symptoms (omega 3!)

🧀Avoid animal products including dairy

Read the whole article here.

Blog # 4: Chef Allen Campbell Fireside Chat

The Brownie Bites takeaway;

🌾Eat whole foods (not processed)

🥑Eat plants and good fats

🧀Avoid dairy, gluten, alcohol

❄️Eat seasonally and for your environment (such as hot nourishing meals for Boston’s winter)

☀️Trust your intuition: your body knows whats good for it if you slow down and listen

Read the whole article here. Technically this was 2.2.24, but the event was 1.31.24 🙂

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