April Brownie Bites Blog Rollup

April Blog: The Brownie Bites Spring Renewal Edition

April Brownie Bites blogs had a theme of living your best life and renewal (perfect for Spring!).

I spent the majority of March and April consulting instead of writing my book, and then I had a business meeting that went awry.
It was a reminder of how hard I’ve worked to design a life that brings me joy, after ending up in the hospital two years ago with stress-related health issues.

How quickly we can forget.
I’m not alone at losing focus, but what I’m good at now is course-correcting.
It was a beautiful gift from the universe to remember what matters, and how my purpose is to help others find theirs.
I hope you enjoy April’s blogs and as always, I appreciate your feedback.

April Blog # 4: Design Your Life To Be One Of Poetry

Design Your Life For Poetry And Purpose!

After a not-so-great work trip to NYC, where I compared the offices we were at to Tyrell Corp (if you know you know), I realize I had lost sight of my purpose. I’d like to think I’m great at living a purposeful, designed life, but like everyone, I need reminders of what matters.

Here are three core philosophies I believe in:

1. Money And Abundance Come With Passion.

2. Money Is Not The End All Be All.

3. You Can Take Small Steps To Design Your Life.

Learn how to design your life to be one of purpose, passion, and poetry!

April Blog #3: Finding Our Purpose And Living a Life of Passion

At some point we realize we need more than things, money, or job titles; we require finding our purpose.

Finding and fulfilling our purpose helps us:

😁 Live healthier and happier lives.
🌻 Increases our longevity!
🏔 Enables us to exit situations that do not serve our highest self.
🌞 Guides us toward a life of passion and joy.

Inspired by my Uncle’s book, I was reminded to live a life of purpose as opposed to other people’s agendas.

Read on to learn more!

April Blog #2: Treating Fibroids with Traditional Chinese Medicine

As some of you know, I went to acupuncture and took Chinese herbs after being diagnosed with fibroids. During this time, although deemed “impossible” by traditional doctors, my fibroids decreased in size and number.

This blog is the first of a series of posts discussing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat women’s health concerns with my cousin Elisabeth (Libby) as co-author.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is about:
⚖ Balance
🌻 Everything is interlinked, our sleep, food, stress, and mindset
🌳 Treating the root cause of a concern rather than masking symptoms

Read on to learn more!

Elisabeth obtained her undergraduate degree in 2004 from Boston College in English and Environmental Geoscience. She has a Masters in Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture. This degree included training in traditional Chinese Acupuncture as well as in Chinese herbal medicine. Following five years as a general practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Elisabeth became Board Certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine. She owns 2 Acupuncture clinics in Massachusetts.

April Blog #1: Why Your Real Age Matters

Your Real Age Matters More Than Your Chronological Age!

Real age, or biological age refers to how old our cells behave. It’s a good thing if they behave younger! While our chronological age refers to how many years we’ve been alive, the true marker for how healthy we are is our biological age.

By understanding your real age and using functional medicine:

✅ You can correct anything that seems out of line, or anything out of range BEFORE it becomes an unsolvable issue
👶 You can extend your healthspan and lifespan (and maybe even fertlity!)
🌳 You can impact how young your genes act!

Read on to learn more!

My Function Health dashboard, showing a real age of 13.6 years younger than my chronological age.

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