Finding Our Purpose And Living A Life Of Passion

Purpose matters

Finding Our Purpose And Fulfilling It

finding our purpose means choosing a path of joy
Finding our purpose often means choosing one path over another

At some point we realize we need more than things, money, or job titles; we require finding our purpose

I just returned from a business trip that didn’t go as well as I hoped. The work was good–I do good work and am capable–and we were prepared. But the team wasn’t receptive and instead was looking for opportunities to derail myself and my partner.

I felt drained.

While our direct client is an amazing, empathetic, intelligent person, the environment she’s in is nothing less than toxic.

I drove home, 4+ hours, and realized that this experience was a gift. It reminded me that I had lost focus.

I have a choice. I can spend more time doing what truly brings me joy, and more aligned with my purpose. It’s taken me YEARS to become comfortable with walking away from things that do not serve me. But once you know your purpose, it becomes a no brainer to focus on it.

At some point, we may realize a good part of our lives have been lived on others’ terms. As we hit our 40s and 50s it becomes less acceptable and we may have a desire to reclaim our lives. We realize we’ve sacrificed our own needs for those of bosses, partners, or society.

We all require a purpose. But how do we find it?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Wisdom From My Uncle

My Uncle Paul wrote a book called Seven Steps To A Life of Significance. It is a powerful little book. We spend time on things that we KNOW don’t bring us joy, and we get “sidetracked with other people’s priorities.”
Uncle Paul is a former president and CEO of multiple companies and a student of personal and organizational development for more than forty years.

It is up to us to take responsibility for our lives. We can manifest our destiny, and it starts with finding our purpose. Then, it requires diligence to protect this purpose and ensure we devote time and energy to it.

Uncle Paul schedules the things that bring him joy into his life. It’s a way of protecting our purpose.

As the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry eloquently put it; “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

And perhaps MORE elegantly, as my Uncle Paul Brown puts it; “Planning gives us the hope and means of bringing to fruition our noblest aspirations.”

If we want a life of purpose, we have to plan for it.

“Planning gives us the hope and means of bringing to fruition our noblest aspirations.”

Paul R. Brown

Purpose Increases Longevity

Finding our purpose isn’t all feel-good only. There are legit health reasons to find and pursue your purpose.

People with purpose live longer, and have healthier, happier thoughts according to Patrick Hill of Washington University’s Purpose, Aging, and Transitions Lab.

“There have been a number of studies suggesting that a higher sense of purpose in life is associated with reduced risk of early death,” says Eric S. Kim, PhD, a research scientist in the department of social and behavioral sciences at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

According to Harvard Health, having a life purpose inspires people to eat healthier, sleep better, exercise, and take better care of themselves. Purpose acts almost like a bubble insulating us from stress and helping us stay positive.

Purpose helps bring value to our lives. It gives us meaning. It’s time to go and find your purpose!

Finding Your Purpose Starts With Identifying What’s Unique About You

My Uncle says that, “We feel a greater sense of significance when we are making a contribution that flows uniquely from our identity. We also enjoy doing things we do well, which means that working within our unique talents makes for a more joyful life.”

Only YOU have the unique combination of your experiences, body, mind, personality, and your passions. Nobody else can compete with that.

You may have heard of the Japanese term Ikigai, which is the secret sauce to finding joy in your life. It’s been Westernized to the point where people only use it to focus on WORK, but the point is about finding something that you can do well, enjoy doing, and helps others.

I learned how to speak up for myself from the trenches of fundraising as a female startup founder. That spirit helped me to advocate for my needs during my healthcare journey.

My story is unique to me but the learnings of it are applicable to many.

What’s your story? What perspective and experience do you have that is uniquely yours? What wisdom do you have from your experiences that others could use?

There’s always something. EVERYONE has nuggets of wisdom for something that is entirely unique.

When you find that you are on the path to purpose.

Believe You Will Find, And Fulfill, Your Purpose

Purpose is a funny thing: I have found mine and I know precisely what I’m meant to do with my life.

Yet I spend time doing things not aligned with it.

I allow other people’s agendas to sacrifice my path to purpose.

This is pretty common, especially with women. We are taught to question ourselves and we often normalize putting our own needs last. We blame ourselves for situations and believe we aren’t worthy of having an amazing life. But we are!

It’s necessary to believe in yourself and your ability to manifest a life that you LOVE every single day.

It starts with a plan, a belief, and taking steps each day toward our purpose. We all have this ability. We can shift our mindset and take back control.

Like steering a ship, our purpose sometimes needs attention and course-corrections.

Once you find your purpose, you have to protect it in order to fulfill it!

Have you found your purpose? Are you struggling to find it? Was this blog helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

“In this world of great opportunity, have you found the ones that are congruent with your values and will allow you to fulfill your purpose?”

Paul R. Brown

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