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1:1 Perimenopause Coaching

I can help you understand some of the options and treatments available for perimenopausal issues and give you clear “scripts” on how to advocate for your needs at the doctor office.

I was gaslit for years and told my symptoms were normal, but ended up with an emergency surgery for fibroids. I refused a hysterectomy even though that was what I was told I needed.
I had one myomectomy, then attempted to resolve my remaining issues naturally. Had things not progressed as far as they had, the lifestyle changes and holistic treatments would have eradicated my issues. I can help you understand more natural options to any of the 37+ symptoms of perimenopause, and help you with your mindset, movement, and food.

As an entrepreneur and consultant I am trained to listen and provide personalized guidance. Work with me 1:1 for wellness coaching and take the first step to a new you! Yes it is an investment–in your health and a new beginning!

Starts at $300* for 60 Minutes

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Brownie Bites

My Brownie Bites newsletter (and upcoming programs) is a biweekly guide to help you take back control of your body and mind with “bite-sized” nuggets of wisdom. Small steps for mindset, movement, and food make a big difference.

The programs–which will start with a 90-day reset in early Spring, will be announced to newsletter subscribers first.

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work with me small business consulting

Small Business Coaching

23% of working women have considered quitting, or have quit their jobs due to the impact of perimenopause. According to a Mayo Clinic study American women experience an estimated $1.8 billion in lost working time.

I believe one of the best solutions for women in midlife is to start a business. You can work from home, on your own terms.

I can help you get a business up and running, as a 3X founder and C.E.O. Do you need help with crafting your story, revising a marketing plan, or figuring out where to start with your brand? I can help you focus on what matters.

(Contact me if you are a Fortune 500 brand).

Starts at $450* for 90 Minutes

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Why Get Coaching With Me

Get direction from someone who has been in your shoes.

I started my consultancy, Kusadama, in 2010–still cannot believe how long it has been.

That was after a whole career in the startup world, where I worked for startups such as StubHub, and then created my own. What I love the most is igniting the passion in others.

Whether you’re working for a big brand and want a consigliere by your side (I can help you navigate politics and actually launch your initiatives); or you are a woman on a new mission in life, I can help.

Yep, I get paid for what I do–and it’s one of the things I’ll teach you when we work together. Taking back control means embracing your worth in every single situation.

Let’s work together: I will help you thrive and find your purpose and passion.

25 Years Experience

Efficient & Smart

5 Star Rating

Dedicated Support

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