Announcing My NEW Webinars

Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tips Webinar & More!

Skating through the holiday season and beyond–it’s possible with my Webinars!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my Webinars–designed specifically for small business owners, one-man or one-woman shops, and freelancers. My Webinars include step-by-step tips and training on topics such as SEO, email marketing, product merchandising for ecommerce, online writing, and more. I built them to help people grow their businesses for far less money than consulting fees.

My Webinar Style

My consulting and teaching style is to explain things in simple, plain English. Rather than trying to teach everything I learned about marketing or digital strategy in University or in my 18 years of experience, I’ll distill it into what you need to grow your business. My approach is to slowly introduce topics as you need them, rather than trying to equip you with everything up front and overwhelming you.

I’ve been told my enthusiasm is contagious, and clients have told me that not only do I teach them what they need to know, they have fun while learning.

Take Control of Your Online “Stuff”

I wanted to help small business owners see rewards with all of their online channels, from their websites, to email newsletters, to social media, ads and more. One of the most popular reasons small business contact me for consulting is to help them fix or optimize their online presences. Either because the efforts they put into things don’t result in any customers or revenue…or because they don’t even know whether or not their efforts have any impact whatsoever!

That is where I can help. As a small business owner myself, and with 18 years of experience as a digital strategist, I know which marketing tactics get the most bang for the buck, and I know how to craft a solid, strategic plan for businesses so they can focus their time on the things that truly bring results. You CAN take control of your online stuff, with my step-by-step Webinars to learn what you need to know!

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re serious about growing your business, and getting the most return out of your online stuff, check out my Webinars–including my Holiday Marketing Tips Webinar on December 11, 2014 at 9am Pacific.  It’s just a few days away, but I will send an audio and video recording to those that register and can’t make it. I’ll be adding more Webinars each month.

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